Process. Period.

Like our culture, our process is collaborative and client-centric, designed to yield the highest quality manufactured equipment and most exacting results that we can.

We’re especially attuned to thinking downstream — identifying speedbumps and barriers well before they can materialize as issues. In this way, we always maintain vision of the big picture as well as the nuance — from the quoting phase to delivery.

“Underlying the entire process is the Becon sense of pride, integrity, and accountability, which is clearly exhibited in the quality service and products we deliver.”

– David Archilla, President

We focus on three core process principles:

Principle One: Listen

From the moment we first engage our customers, we’re laying the foundation for success. That begins with intently listening to and thoroughly understanding your needs.

Principle Two: Craft

We are craftspeople — quality workmanship means everything to us. We feel fortunate and proud to have the experience that allows us to do our work to the highest quality standards.

Principle Three: Deliver

Every commitment, correspondence, meeting, design, weld, measurement, and test is an opportunity to deliver — and fulfill our client promise.

The Becon Process
Engineered to fit you

Becon’s collaborative approach invites customer engagement and allows for your hands-on interaction and sign-off at all phases of the project. We encourage you to stay involved to inspect parts and assemblies, make any needed design changes, and sign off at key production intervals.

Process Diagram
Step One
Learn / Spec / Design


3D/CAD design

From the beginning, you anchor the team. And whether it’s build-to-print or designed-from-scratch, from quoting to delivery, you have the same Becon staff involved from beginning to end.
Step One
Structural welding

Pipe welding

Mechanical and electrical assembly
With a sign-off on design, you now have the opportunity to evaluate various project components and assemblies for quality and construction, as well as reevaluating design if necessary.
Step One
Functional test


Lessons learned
Testing is a process within a process. The goal is to prove the functional integrity of your product while participating in the feedback loop and self-examination of design and methods that ultimately improves our processes.
Step One
Scale Production
Fixtures (jigs)

Production units
If your project isn’t a one-off and requires the production of multiple units, know that our #1 goal is quality, our priority is on-time delivery, and our objective is cost and lead time reduction.